Fat Cat 'Mr. Handsome' Is Off the Market! 31-lb. Shelter Cat Who Became Overnight Internet Sensation Gets Adopted

Mr. Handsome was too big to fit into a crate at Chatham County Animal Shelter

Photo: Source: Chatham County Animal Shelter/Facebook

He may be overweight, but Mr. Handsome’s furry love handles didn’t get in the way of his finding a fur-ever home. On the contrary, those extra pounds of pussycat created a feline frenzy.

Originally reported by WNCN North Carolina, the hefty kitty was dumped at the Chatham County Animal Shelter by previous owners, possibly because of his size.

In fact, Mr. Handsome — weighing in at 31.4 lbs. — was so large, he could not fit into the standard crate at the shelter. Instead, the big fellow was set up inside the building’s break room and he made himself snug inside a cabinet.

“He loves sleeping in our cabinet in the break room,” said Shelter Director Alan Canady. “And he can barely fit in there.”

Once Mr. Handsome’s furry face and fabulous figure made the Internet rounds, offers came in from far and wide to re-home him. Already neutered (and declawed), the now-famous feline was a steal at the $20 adoption fee.

As of Friday, a Fayatteville family became the lucky new owners of this viral superstar.

“He is such a sweet cat,” said his new mama, Angela Frazee. “He needs to lose some weight and get active, and then he’ll be happy.”

Frazee, her 15-year-old son Justin and her sister Jeri Whitlow traveled to Chatham to pick up the massive meower. Although, to be fair, he had already dropped 3 lbs. since his arrival.

“He looks so just sad,” said Frazee. “I want to help him get healthy. He deserves to be healthy.”

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Luckily, Frazee seems to be the right person for the job. Her current cat, Spock, was 21 lbs. when he first came home with her; now he’s down to 11.5.

The proud new parent says she may rename Mr. Handsome once they get to know each other better (Please, Ms. Frazee, if you’re reading this — don’t change it!), but we also hear she plans to create a Facebook page for the feline so we can all keep track of his progress.

Call us when he reaches about 15 lbs. for our annual Half Their Size feature!

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