The pop star sent the Internet into a tailspin after she painted her pet pig's hooves bright red

This little piggy did what? Fans started squealing after Miley Cyrus shared pictures of her pet pig, Bubba Sue, getting a pedicure on Nov. 5.

The first photo posted on Instagram shows a friend painting Bubba’s nails. Cyrus, 21, was holding and brushing her pot-bellied pet while it got the spa treatment.

She then showed off Bubba’s fire-engine-red polish, captioning the photo “pig pig gonna be lookin’ fresh.”

Animal lovers were not happy with the pictures, with some calling the pop star “a pig” for doing that to her pet. Other comments included, “Dude you have deep issues” and “I love you, but this isn’t so amazing.” Many were concerned that the little piggy was being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals in the polish.

Other fans, however, stood by the controversial pop star’s porcine pedicure. One wrote, “That nail polish is not hurting the pig. And that is not abuse.”

Cyrus adopted Bubba Sue in August, a few months after the death of one of her beloved dogs, Floyd. She was grief-stricken over the loss – “I am broken,” she Tweeted – and canceled part of her Bangerz tour.

She later got a tattoo dedicated to the Alaskan Klee Kai. In addition to Bubba Sue, she also adopted a new pup, Emu, this summer.

Although some people believe Cyrus mistreated her pig, she is an outspoken animal lover who grew up on a farm in Tennessee.

Cyrus has not addressed the controversy over the piggy pedicure.

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