July 13, 2018 02:56 PM

Riggs isn’t a Dalmatian or a cat: he’s a bulldog out to prove that any pet has a place in a firehouse as long as they are part of the team.

Riggs, named after what firefighters call their trucks, is the adorable mascot of The Fire Factory Engine 58 Ladder 26 in New York City.

While the pooch doesn’t usually go out on runs with the crew, he is at the firehouse 24/7 making sure the firefighters get some smiles in during their tough days.

According to Riggs’ caretaker, firefighter Christopher Dawkins, the canine is everyone’s “favorite person” at the firehouse. The cute companion is part of a long history of Fire Factory dogs: Years ago, one of the senior members of the team decided to bring a dog in, opting for a bulldog, and the firehouse has been home to at least one canine ever since.

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When Riggs isn’t playing fetch or adding positive energy to the firehouse, he is “big on naps,” often sleeping through many of the firehouse’s loud sounds.

If you are enchanted with this busy bulldog (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can keep up with his life with New York’s Bravest on his Instagram, @firefactoryriggs.

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