Famous Animal Stars Then and Now!

PEOPLE tracked down the monkey from Friends, the Austin Powers cat–and five more star critters. Here's a look at what they're up to these days.

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David E. Klutho, inset: Everett

Real Name: Mel Gibskin
These Days: Since playing Mini-Me’s kitten in the Austin Powers trilogy, (and doubling for Dr. Evil’s pet, Mr. Bigglesworth), Sphynx cat Mel, 10, appeared on Friends and in the thriller I Know Who Killed Me. Says trainer Tammy Maples: “He likes being the center of attention.”

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David E. Klutho

Real Name: RIPLEY
These Days: One of three Capuchins who played Marcel on Friends, Ripley, 17, still books TV gigs. He lives in a monkey habitat on trainer Hayden Rosenaur’s ranch, where “we try to enrich their lives,” he says, by providing them toys and food wrapped in boxes.

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Cathy PIttman, inset: Everett

Real Name: Warlock
These Days: He portrayed Salem on the Melissa Joan Hart sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch (along with two other cats and a puppet) but now the domestic shorthair, 10, “has the run of the house,” says trainer Cathy Pittman. “He gets up from one nap to go take another.”

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David El. Klutho, inset: Everett

Real Name: Enzo
These Days: The Jack Russell who played Eddie on Frasier (he took over the role from his dad, Moose, in 2001) “often goes straight to the truck” when he sees trainer Mathilde de Cagny leaving for work, she says. Still, Enzo, 10, is “loving retirement,” she says. “He’s king of the house.”

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Sue Chipperton, inset: Everett

Real Name: Moonie
These Days: He loves hanging in handbags (ever since Reese Witherspoon toted him in hers in the Legally Blonde films) and he’s “very outgoing and friendly,” says trainer Sue Chipperton. Moonie, 10, still works in TV and loves to hang out with BFF, Gidget (see next slide!)

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Sue Chipperton, www.tailsticks.com

Moonie and Gidget both bunked with trainer Sue Chipperton during the Legally Blonde movies. Today, the former roommies still “totally adore each other,” says their trainer. “Gidget likes to wash Moonie.” They also dug working together: Gidget played Moonie’s mother on Legally Blonde 2.

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Anne Loustaunou, inset: Everett

Real Name: Clyde
These Days: The 3-year-old lab–the lead dog in a group of 22 used in the film Marley & Me–is enjoying some downtime after filming a few episodes of the crime drama Life. “He’s swimming in the pool and going to the dog park and the beach,” says trainer Mark Forbes. “Living the good life!”

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