Florida Family Throws Senior Dog a 'Bark Mitzvah' for His 13th Birthday

The Florida family dressed up their 13-year-old labradoodle, Brody, in a kippa and tallis for the special occasion

dog bar mitzvah
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Muzzle tovs are in order for this Florida dog whose Jewish owners threw him his very own 'bark mitzvah.'

Raegan Fink, 21, and her brother Ethan went viral on TikTok this week after organizing the coming-of-age ceremony for their 13-year-old labradoodle, Brody.

In the Jewish faith, when a boy turns 13, he reads from the Torah in a ceremony called a bar mitzvah which signifies his religious entry into adulthood.

With Brody turning 13 this week, the Fink family thought it would only be appropriate that their pooch make the same religious journey.

"My dog turned 13 today so ofc he had to celebrate his bark mitzvah," Reagan captioned the TikTok, which currently has over 103,000 likes.

In the hilarious video, the siblings dressed Brody in a blue-and-white yarmulke and tallis, a prayer shawl, for the festivities.

To celebrate the occasion, the pair lifted Brody up on a chair — a tradition at the religious ceremony — and danced to the song Hava Nagila, which is typically sung at Jewish celebrations.

The family also treated Brody to a plate of special treats, which included a Star of David biscuit and a frosted bone-shaped cookie that read "Happy Birthday."

To finish off the celebration, the adorable pup received a new set of banana-shaped squeaky toys.

"We had always talked about doing it years ago, and then time crept up on us and my dog actually lived to be 13 so we knew we had to celebrate," Reagan told the Daily Mail.

She told the outlet that she ordered Brody's outfit off of Amazon and "went to a dog bakery and picked up his treats."

"For his bday gift we got him some toys from Target and he loved it," she added.

The University of Florida student said she and her brother are "thrilled" that the video has already earned so many views.

"The majority of comments are overwhelmingly happy for us and Brody is really getting to shine," she added.

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