A family living in Warrington, England, came home from a shopping trip one day to find their kitchen had been completely trashed

By Maria Pasquini
December 06, 2019 05:30 PM

When you’re not home watching them, sometimes dogs can create quite the mess!

After returning home from a shopping trip one day to find their kitchen had been completely trashed, a family living in Warrington, England, thought their home had been burglarized.

“We went shopping and we were out of the house for just shy of two hours,” Dylan Raynor, 21, told Caters News Agency. “As we arrived back my mother looked through the window and we honestly believed we had been burgled.”

Photos from the scene of the crime show entire cupboards and trash cans completely emptied out, with all of the contents splayed out across the kitchen floor.

However, upon closer inspection of the scene, the family realized that their 1-year-old cocker spaniel named Dory was the one to blame.

“It wasn’t until we noticed the nibble marks in the food and the inedible items, that we realized we had been ransacked by Dory,” added Raynor, the dog’s owner.

Kitchen wrecked by Dory
| Credit: Caters
Dory the dog
| Credit: Caters

“She had emptied the contents of every cupboard and also the rubbish bin,” Raynor continued, noting that the incident raised some questions about the pooch.

“After realizing the destruction was caused by the dog and not a human it made me wonder what else she might be capable of,” he shared.

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Raynor said Dory is already well-known for her antics.

“Dory is just a full-time nutcase who enjoys causing havoc,” he said. “She attends doggy-day school and used to attend puppy training classes, however, all of these accolades do not reflect her mischievous behavior.”