As soon as the family called out to their dog, Dopey ran over and began "covering them with kisses."
Dopey the dog reunites with his family
Credit: The Jacksonville Humane Society

Reunited and it feels so good!

Over the weekend, a family in Jacksonville, Florida, had a chance reunion with their family dog, who had gone missing over the summer.

Documenting the heartwarming moment on Facebook, the Jacksonville Humane Society explained that the family spotted their lost dog while attending a free adoption event at a local PetSmart. Although they were there to adopt a kitten, while they were in line, the father “spotted a brown and white dog being leashed to go for a walk.”

Filled with joy, he cried out, “That’s my Dopey!”

Recognizing the sound of his owner’s voice, the dog ran over to the family, “leapt into their arms” and started “covering them with kisses.”

Dopey, who had been missing since August, came to the animal shelter as a stray dog on October 1.

“His family never lost hope and they are thrilled that their sweet pup is back home!” the rescue wrote, adding that “stories like Dopey’s, the many we tell and the many untold, are proof that generosity breeds joy in Jacksonville every day.”

“From the strangers who helped Dopey when he was lost to the volunteers and staff who lovingly cared for him, from the donors who made his reunion possible to foundations like PetsSmart Charities for sponsoring the event that brought this family back together … generosity and joy are all around us,” they added.

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On Monday, the humane society also shared the story of another “amazing reunion” thanks to their monthly “Feline Frenzy” event, where they spay and neuter community cats free of charge.

Alongside a photo of the reunion, they explained that after sedating the cats they check to see if any of the felines have a microchip. Discovering that the cat in question did, the humane society “called the owners who rushed over to get her!”

“She had been missing for a few months,” the shelter continued, before explaining why the cat stayed in her carrier for the photo. “We would’ve snapped a picture of her, but she was still a little loopy from the anesthesia. 😜 “