Family Dog Missing After Being Sucked into Open Drain While Chasing a Ball

A missing safety grate was replaced the day after Rochester the dog went missing

A chocolate Labrador from Perth, Australia, is believed to be dead after he was swept into a drain at a park while chasing a ball a week ago.

  • Nine News Perth reports the pup named Rochester was with his 11-year-old owner at the Cliff Sadlier Reserve in Daglish when he was washed away during heavy rain while he was playing. Search crews scoured the drain afterward with a camera, but couldn’t find the dog.
  • The Water Corporation of WA replaced a missing safety grate on the drain the day after the dog went missing, Nine News said. One local resident told the station that the situation could have been much worse.

“The dog was a Labrador so it’s quite a big size to be sucked down — it could have been a person,” she said.

Rochester’s family is reportedly devastated by the death of their pup and are in talks with the local council to honor the canine with a memorial at the park — in the meantime, a makeshift memorial has been set up with flowers, pictures of the dog and stuffed toys.

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