Family Adopts 'Malnourished' Dog Who Walked Into Their Home After Door Blew Open During a Storm

The family has decided to keep the dog, who they've named Suzy, "to give her a dignified end of her life"

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Photo: JJfromtheBronx/Twitter

A family in Philadelphia woke up last weekend to find a sick dog had wandered into their home during a storm — and they’ve decided to keep her.

In a video explaining how everything went down, sports podcast host Jack Jokinen said that his wife woke him up at 4:00 a.m. last Saturday with the news. While going downstairs to look for a pacifier for their 1-month-old child, much to her surprise, she noticed that there was “a puppy in our house.”

Confused, Jokinen said he went downstairs and found all of the doors and windows were locked, and the mystery of “how did this happen” continued until he reviewed their security cameras.

After returning home from walking their dog George, Jokinen had closed the door but “something didn’t catch” and then once the storm hit their home, “the wind blew the door open.”

Fortunately, about 20 minutes after the dog, who was “scared, limping and malnourished,” came into their house, a kind passerby shut their door.

The next morning, they called Animal Control and were told they could either surrender the dog to the system, or take her to the vet.

Choosing the second option, at the vet, they discovered the dog was 9 years old, and had a variety of health problems, including damaged teeth, fleas and a missing pad on her foot.

The family then made the decision to keep the dog, who they’ve named Suzy, “to give her a dignified end of her life.”

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Jokinen went on to share that he would be opening up his Venmo account for anybody who’d like to “help with some of the medical costs,” adding that even if they didn’t receive any donations, “we’re going to take care of her regardless.”

“We’re going to turn this negative into a positive for the holiday season,” he added. “I mean, we didn’t expect it, but out of all the bad things that could happen when your front door is open, to end up with a sweet dog who just needs a home … I mean, wow, this could have gone a lot worse.”

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