Sales of The Big Bang Theory star's duet with her boyfriend will benefit the Humane Society

Not long after she discussed her love of horses with PEOPLE, Kaley Cuoco suffered a scary fall in September that left her with an open compound leg fracture. The accident happened while the Big Bang Theory star was riding Santos, whom she had lovingly referred to as “a huge ass,” and left her hospitalized for several weeks.

As Cuoco recovered in her hospital bed, her boyfriend, Christopher French of the band Annie Automatic, would pop in and play guitar for her. The music – particularly the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – distracted Cuoco from her pain.

A true animal lover – Cuoco has been honored by the Humane Society of the United States for her animal advocacy work – the actress knew she wanted to parlay that pain relief into a way to help needy pets. So she and French recorded the Wizard of Oz classic as a duet, and are now selling it on iTunes and AmazonMP3 for 99 cents to raise funds for the HSUS.

In addition, the pair made a corresponding video – from a makeshift recording studio set up in their living room – filled with colorful images of happy dogs. “So many homeless dogs and cats end up in shelters through no fault of their own,” Cuoco says in the clip. “We’re asking you to consider adopting your next pet.”

Though she’s still sporting a cast, Cuoco isn’t letting the pain prevent her from lending a helping hand. “Kaley and I are happy to be able to draw attention to the important issue of animal adoption and rescue, and raise a little money,” French says.

Check out the video, then head over to iTunes or AmazonMP3 to download the sweet single!

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