January 20, 2009 08:51 PM

Faith the two-legged dog who inspired the world last year with her ability to walk like a human, will soon have a pal that is just like her in her family. The Stringfellows of Oklahoma, who trained Faith to walk upright using peanut butter as a treat, will adopt another dog born with two legs that was abandoned with his siblings by the side of a Central Florida road and taken in by a woman named Judy Walker. “God sends some people to Africa, and some people he gives two-legged dogs to,” Jude Stringfellow told the Orlando Sentinel. “I’m obviously that one person.” It’s too early to know whether the two-legged puppy, who they’ve named Tanker, will be able to walk upright like Faith because his breed is still unclear and they’re not sure how big he’ll get. But it looks as though Tanker, who will join the Stringfellows next month, is a pretty determined pup. Walker tells the newspaper that he wriggles around, powering himself forward with his hind legs and clumsily moving the little nubs where his front legs should be.

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