October 06, 2015 05:22 PM

As South Carolina starts to assess the damage left behind by a weekend of historic rainfalls and fatal floods, some citizens are finding they’ve lost something that can’t be replaced.

Numerous pets have gone missing in the chaos of this emergency situation, but the state’s animal lovers are rallying together to reunite these animals with their owners. 

Since Friday, Facebook page Lost & Found Pets of South Carolina has operated as a haven of hope for families searching for missing furry loved ones. The page is filled with animal photos uploaded for owners trying to find their missing pets, as well as shots of cats, dogs, horses and more that have been rescued from flood waters but have yet to be identified or claimed by a family. 

The community page, which has existed since 2012, has already lead to several success stories, reuniting pets stranded in the flood with their families again. Unfortunately, operators of the page are worried about the addition of even more animals in the aftermath of more recent and ongoing floods. 

“As the flood waters recede, we have discovered outside cats that have disappeared and dogs that have been scared off from their territories,” page adminstrator Eric Stamey told Mashable. “However, as the hours go by, the rivers will begin to swell now as the flood waters run from the mountains to the midlands and to the coast; we expect that more pets will be affected as these conditions begin to worsen in a new, horrible way.”

Anyone who has found a pet in South Carolina or knows someone who is looking for a missing animal is encouraged to post and share the Lost & Found of South Carolina Facebook page. Increased awareness of the page’s efforts will hopefully lead to an increase in the number of successful reunions. 

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