Animal control scooped up the spotted kitty, who is now in the care of a rescue organization


People who call Paterson, New Jersey, home must have been doing double takes on Thursday when an exotic feline called a Savannah cat was seen walking the streets there.

“I cannot believe what I see … and I saw it’s not a regular cat, I don’t know what it is,” one resident told CBS 2 New York, which reported the story.

“That is not a regular cat, that is something like a puma,” another resident said.

Spotted kitties like these — which are a cross between domestic cats and servals — are legal as pets in New Jersey, the story said. It’s understandable, however, that people would be surprised to see one in public, especially since they’re much larger than your average house cat.

“Just look at it, it looks like a wild cat from Africa, so I think they should have to have a license for it,” animal control officer Lysa DeLaurentis told the station.

The feline, who had to be tranquilized by animal control to be caught, is said to be in the care of Wanaque’s Wildlife Freedom animal rescue, which is holding the animal until someone comes forward with proof of ownership.

One man told CBS 2 New York that the cat escaped from the window of someone he knew, but when the station tried to reach that person by phone, he hung up.