1,000 show dogs descended on the Hotel Pennsylvania this weekend for the Westminster Dog Show.

Forget Hollywood’s take on a Hotel for Dogs. Over the weekend, New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania became a real-life place where dogs can hang their hat while in town for the Westminster Dog Show. One thousand dogs are staying at the hotel, right across the street from Madison Square Garden, which hosts the dog show on Feb. 9 and 10. And, these show dogs have their very own concierge. “We welcome dogs with open paws,” says Jerry Grymek, who gave PEOPLE Pets the grand tour. “They are four-legged celebrities.”

The hotel, established in 1919, is dog-friendly all year, says Grymek, but goes all out for the dog show each winter. It’s organized chaos in a hotel lobby which is swarming with every breed imaginable. A Chihuahua struggles with the big stairs. An Afghan hound tries out the doggie treadmill–and can’t quite get the hang of it. D’Artagnan, a Bouvier des Flandres, enjoys a lengthy massage. In the basement is a giant indoor doggie bathroom for those reluctant to venture onto New York streets – divided into a boys’ side with fire hydrants and a girl’s side with frilly décor, of course.

Click above to see the action at the Hotel Pennsylvania!

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