Everyone's favorite movie cat causes a little mischief in the new film

How could anyone forget Jinx, the beloved kitty who caused more than a little mischief in the 2000 hit Meet the Parents? The well-trained cat – who knows how to use a toilet and flush – gave new guy Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) a lot of grief, and played nice for his owner, Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro).

Well, Jinx is back in Little Fockers, which opens Dec. 22, and to celebrate, we’re sharing his most memorable moments with you! Click the clip above to see Jinx drive Greg Focker mad – and even flush a furry little friend.

Of course, a lot of movie magic is involved in making Jinx as sneaky as he is. Trainer Dawn M. Barkan worked with a tiny troop of seal point Himalayans, using three cats in each film.

For Little Fockers, Barkan relied on the talents of 11-year-old Peanut, who also starred in Meet the Fockers, plus newcomers Charlie, 4, and Gizmo, 2. All three are rescues, and live with Barkan in New Jersey.

“The cats all have very different personalities,” Barkan tells PEOPLEPets.com “Charlie is part dog and nothing bothers him. Peanut is definitely a diva, but she is brilliant and learns very quickly.” As for Gizmo? “Gizmo is a bit grumpy and worked well for stay shots. They are all very loving and very stubborn at the same time.”

Barkan admits that the longhaired breed can be tricky to work with, so setting up shots correctly was very important – regardless of distractions. “They did use a real lizard with the cats in Little Fockers,” Barkan explains. “Peanut would tap the lizard on the head and totally ruffle its feathers, so to speak.” But alas, the show went on.

So where’s the cat who started it all? Sadly Misha, the rescue who starred in most scenes of Meet the Parents, passed away from old age two years ago in his retirement home in Florida. But the fluffy cat left behind quite a legacy, Barkan says.

“While filming the first movie, the cat had to take a piece of bacon from Robert De Niro’s mouth,” she explains. “Misha did not like bacon, so we had to soak it in sardine oil. Bob was a great sport and sat there with sardine-soaked bacon in his mouth for several takes.” Now that’s Method acting!