Excited Cat Welcomes Home Its Soldier Owner (Video)

Finn the ragdoll cat meows loudly before jumping into its owner's arms in this adorable video

We all love those videos of soldiers being welcomed home by their loving dogs, but this one of a cat doing the same thing takes it up a notch.

Finn, a big fluffy gray Ragdoll cat, is meowing excitedly as it hears someone approaching the front door.

“Who’s coming?” Finn’s female owner asks as the cat (aka Finners, aka ‘Ners) head-butts her camera.

“Can you hear him?” she asks, as Finn reaches up toward the doorknob.

Finn continues to meow and look at the door expectantly, as the key rattles in the lock and the door opens.

“Hey, ‘Ners!” says Finn’s soldier dad, Nick. As Nick stretches out his arms Finn jumps into them as Boo, a Siamese, comes to see what all the commotion is about.

Cradling Finn like a baby, Nick gives his buddy a good scratch and a kiss on the nose as the cat tilts its head back, purring contentedly and giving one last meow for the camera.

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