August 05, 2015 04:40 AM

“Hey, check out this cute spider!”

That’s something you don’t hear often, mostly because even those who are arachnid-friendly know that a lot of people just aren’t. However, the “blue face” peacock spider might just be the rare eight-legged creature that gets a nod of approval.

On Tuesday, National Geographic posted the video above of the “blue face” peacock spider – Maratus personatus, a.k.a. the pied bluemask peacock salspider – doing his lively mating dance.

Even knowing that this male spider is doing his energetic little jig to impress a female spider and get a chance at making more spiders, the arachnophobes among us have to admit it’s kind of cute.

This video of Maratus personatus was made by Jürgen Otto, a biologist working with the Australian Department of Agriculture, who notes in the description, “All scenes you see are at the original speed; that is the way the spider moves. Since there is so much interest in this spider and many wonder how the story ends … I MIGHT MAKE A SEQUEL!”

For those who are especially intrigued, Otto has a Facebook page and Flickr account dedicated to the peacock spiders and the new specimens he comes across. It’s worth exploring. (Big hint: There’s one species that’s nicknamed “Sparklemuffin,” and no, we’re not even kidding.)

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