Farm Dog Naturals handmade treats contain wholesome ingredients grown locally in Elmwood, Tenn.

By Katie Kauss
July 13, 2010 11:45 AM

Treats. Dogs don’t care where they come from, as long as they taste yummy. So it’s our job to make sure those snacks are healthy, and that isn’t always easy.

But we found an easy score on Etsy: Farm Dog Naturals is a vegan dog biscuits company that makes natural treats for your pooch, fresh from Rita Hogan’s farm in Elmwood, Tenn. For the past three years Hogan and her team have been baking handmade treats, using primarily local ingredients and catering to dogs with allergies or canines with cancer who are only allowed to ingest specific ingredients.

“A lot of companies don’t care where their ingredients come from,” says Hogan, who grows her own vegetables. “So we’re really strict on [that] … we make them by hand. We mix them in a big mixer and roll them out and cut them and then bake them.”

Using wholesome, preservative-free ingredients such as chickpeas, herbs and apples, Hogan spent a year perfecting the formula that she says is based on an old recipe for hard tack.

“It’s a flour and water recipe that women used to make [bread] for soldiers in the army, and it would last forever and without any preservatives,” she says. Hogan tested out her creations on her five pugs as well as the dogs at the kennel-free boarding facility that she runs.

There are a number of delicious flavors including the Relax Biscuit made with chamomile or the Smoothie Biscuit made from chickpea flour and apples. Our canine testers went gaga for the grain-free snacks – and they didn’t have a clue that it was good for them!

Check out Hogan’s Etsy shop to find a six-pack of biscuits (only $8.99) or hard tack ($8.99) for your pooch.

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