October 12, 2010 11:45 AM

Sarah Rego had always wanted her pug Daisy and Chihuahua Lilly to be a part of family celebrations –especially Halloween. So last year, Rego summoned her inner artist and made costumes to fit her dogs.

Based on the success of her execution, she may have found her true calling: Rego’s Etsy shop is full of charming variety. Among the aww-inspring outfits: a candy-corn hat, Dracula mask–even a Wonder Woman cape!

Rego’s soft, handmade pieces have a one-of-a-kind quality, and best of all–for you and your pet–they’re ridiculously easy to put on. For those who plan ahead, check out the other holiday attire, like Turkey Day hats, reindeer antlers and Hannukkah dreidel headpieces. Her favorite piece in the store is the butterfly ($45), but the bride and groom ($10) outfits are her best sellers.

Want something specific? Rego is happily takes requests – her popular spider ($45) costume started as a custom design.

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