Tired of unoriginal pet tags? Tina Hallada’s aluminum tags make a real statement

By Katie Kauss
Updated February 17, 2010 12:45 PM

Take your dog to a dog park with a tag that reads, “Bob.” And it’s unlikely anyone will notice. Take that same dog to the park with the tag “Hello my name is … Bad Dog” and you have a conversation starter!

Tina Hallada of Fargo, N.D., has taken the snooze out of regular pet IDs, with her cheeky tags emblazoned with phrases like “I [heart] Cat Poop” and “Danger I Hump.” Drawing on inspiration from her own playful pups, she started her Etsy.com shop by selling dog and cat collars because she thought the market lacked “anything cute or funky,” she tells PEOPLEpets.com.

First she created them using shrink plastic but quickly realized they didn’t withstand the force of her Labs, Cinder and foster dog Shyla. “They like to play in the water and mud puddles and everything else, so we needed something that was more durable,” she explains.

After some trial and error, Hallada began using aluminum and would heat press the design to the tag so “the ink doesn’t wear off, it’s actually imbedded in there though the heat process.”

She gets many of her designs from royalty free clip art but also has customers who have customized their own, complete with a photo, name, address and contact information. Her personal favorites? The “Hello my name is…” and “Little Ninja.”

Check out Hallada’s Etsy shop to order a personalized tag (only $10!) for your own pet.

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