Personalize your correspondence and pay homage to your favorite pet with this pretty stationery

Handwritten letters are becoming a lost art in these days of e-mail, Facebook and other instant communication. But if you’re one of those people who still appreciates a personalized note or an actual thank you card, unique and personal stationery is a fun find. And if you’re an animal lover, pretty writing paper that pays homage to your favorite pet is an even bigger treat.

Cassandra Rippberger quit her job as an art director at an advertising agency in Illinois two years ago and set up her own etsy shop, Pixie Chicago, through which she designs and sells custom stationery. Six months ago she started adorning her work with adorable animal silhouettes inspired by her 130-lb French mastiff, Cheddar.

“I was doing stationery for myself one day and created [a design with] his silhouette,” she tells “I shared it with friends, and they all wanted one. It spiraled from there.”

Rippberger’s collection now includes 12 different animal-themed designs – stationery and note cards, as well as address labels and notepads. She’ll customize her dog-silhouette stationery with the name and color of your choice. Don’t see your pet in her collection? Send Rippberger a picture and she’ll create a custom silhouette.

Rippberger has something for all occasions – including bridal and baby-shower invitations, as well as holiday cards. Check out her Etsy shop, where you can select stationery ($22-$36) that suits your style and allows you to express your sentiments with a personal, thoughtful touch.

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