April 27, 2010 11:45 AM

Furbabies, meet your new high chair – wait, water bowl.

After searching around for cute, yet functional, elevated bowls for her Australian shepherds, Belle and Dixie, Jennie Jones decided she had to make her own. So Jones enlisted the help of her father and riffed on a gardening project she had first seen in a magazine.

“I had seen other things you could do with little toddler chairs, and one was to make a plant holder,” Jones tells PEOPLEPets.com. “I thought, ‘Why not cut a hole for a dog bowl instead of a plant?’”

With two toddler chairs lying around the house, Jones got to work on designing, Dad helped with the woodwork, and voila – Chow Chairs were born.

Belle and Dixie approved of their new water bowls, so Jones made a business of her new creations. She asked a professional carpenter to build more chairs at multiple heights, and now offers personalization options for customers.

In addition to Chow Chairs, Jones’s Etsy shop includes another kind of water bowl – our personal favorite – the garden spigot version. Sadly, as Jones is quick to point out, the spigot doesn’t actual work. It’s just for looks.

Check out Jones’s Etsy Shop and pick up a personalized water bowl ($20-$60) for your furry friends!

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