Show your pooch some loyalty with a colorful custom pillow

By Katie Kauss
Updated March 22, 2011 11:45 AM

Since the original I ‘heart’ NY logo was created in 1977, people everywhere have been replicating its simplicity and adding their own unique flair. Oliver and Julieta Mosqueda from Jacksonville, Fla. took their love of animals and created colorful pillow covers that pay homage to the iconic logo.

Since winter is finally (albeit slowly) fading into spring, it’s time to add some pop to your décor and these pillow covers featuring a dog’s silhouette are just the ticket.

Julieta and Oliver are the husband/wife duo behind Etsy shop Petette. They work as a team to create their simple and classic designs and it’s no wonder they focus largely on animals – Julieta is a biologist by day, and their cocker spaniel Orion keeps them company at home.

Their pillow covers come in countless colors like pink, purple and red and fabrics such as suede, cotton and fleece. Don’t see your pooch’s breed in the store? Just send them a message and they’ll happily customize a design for you.

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