January 04, 2011 05:20 PM

There is nothing a dog loves more (aside from his owner, of course!) than a cozy bed. But when that slumber pad becomes an eyesore – caked with drool, dirty paw prints and countless other mystery stains – cleaning it can be quite a chore.

Amy Mahon was tired of throwing away pet beds when they became too grungy to spot clean, so she came up with her own solution – Doggie Duvet Covers that fit over any standard pillow or store-bought pet bed.

“I always had beds from [chain stores] and the covers were never all that cute,” she tells PEOPLEPets.com. “[The beds] would get really dirty, but the inside contents would be fine. So I thought, ‘Somebody has to create something that can cover up an ugly old dog bed and be washable.’”

Mahon’s duvet covers ($28-$48) – sold through her etsy shop, Murphy & Gert – are made from colorful and sturdy 100% cotton fabrics that are machine washable and tested by her two rescue animals: Murphy, a black lab, and Gertie, a calico cat. They come in small (fits over one standard bed pillow), medium (fits two standard bed pillows) and “humongous” (36-in. x 42-in. x 5-in., or the size of a large dog bed from Costco) sizes.

If your pet doesn’t already have a bed, Mahon says you can simply stuff a Doggie Duvet with pillows, blankets, towels or old clothes from around the house. And she will soon start taking orders to personalize her creations, which currently come in patterns like the Brucie (which features a bright Swiss Alps scene), the Trixie (a tableau of rabbits, squirrels and deer) and the Sadie (simple green and white awning stripes with navy blue sides). Each design offers both function and flare – and the perfect excuse to give Fido’s filthy bed the colorful facelift it desperately needs.

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