Ethan the Emaciated Dog Dumped at Kentucky Humane Society Befriends Another Miracle Rescue Pup

Travolta, a mixed breed canine, was found severely emaciated, like Ethan, and met the fellow rescue dog at the Kentucky Humane Society

Ethan and Travolta, rescue dogs
Photo: Kentucky Humane Society

Two lovable rescue pups have formed a unique bond after meeting at a Kentucky shelter over the weekend.

Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) recently took in Travolta after he was the found emaciated on the side of the road — much like the start of rescue dog Ethan's harrowing recovery story. In January 2021, the Kentucky Humane Society found Ethan abandoned in their parking lot in desperate need of help.

Over the weekend, Ethan — now in good health with a loving home — paid a visit to the shelter that saved him and got a chance to befriend Travolta, WLKY reported Monday.

Last week, Travolta arrived at KHS after an Uber driver stumbled upon his "lifeless body" on the side of the street, according to a Jan. 3 Facebook post from the shelter.

When the pooch was brought in, the organization described Travolta as being on the brink of death, "covered in urine and feces" with "open and infected pressure sores all over his body" and "a badly infected scrotum that was covered in maggots," in addition to suffering from starvation.

That dog's caregivers said that Travolta was so severely neglected that he couldn't even stand on his own.

The KHS staff has been worked diligently to improve the little dog's health, and he has made incredible strides with their help. According to KHS, Travolta has gained four pounds and has been able to start walking independently, all in a matter of days.

Ethan's visit added an extra boost to Travolta's spirits. During the filmed meetup, both survivor canines acted a bit shy at first but soon became comfortable and friendly with each other.

Ethan and Travolta, rescue dogs
Kentucky Humane Society

Ethan knows the difficult healing process Travolta is currently experiencing. In January 2021, KHS found Ethan dumped in their parking lot.

Much like Travolta, he too was emaciated and alone, too weak to lift his head and struggling to find the strength to walk.

But in the weeks following his abandonment, Ethan, with the help of KHS's dedicated staff, overcame many of his major health issues.

ethan the dog reaches weight goal
Kentucky Humane Society (2)

The pup found his "fur-ever" family in KHS staff member Jeff Callaway, who welcomed Ethan into his home after overseeing his recovery at the shelter. Callaway has helped Ethan pack on a healthy 50 pounds and find the correct treatment for his seizures.

Now, Ethan is a household name to many dog moms and dads — the pet was even named the new Chief Tasting Officer for Busch Beer's Dog Brew — and his Facebook page, where fans get a look at the canine enjoying his second chance at a happy life, boasts an impressive 43,212 followers.

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