Ethan the Rescue Dog Overcomes Brush with Death to Become Professional Dog Beer Taste Tester

Ethan the dog, who was found abandoned in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society earlier this year, is the new Chief Tasting Officer for Busch Beer's Dog Brew

beer dog
Ethan the dog . Photo: busch

Ethan the dog has an exciting new job!

The beloved rescue dog — who was found emaciated and abandoned in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society in January — is the new Chief Tasting Officer for Busch Beer's Dog Brew.

"We reviewed many great candidates for Chief Tasting Officer, but we've finally found our top dog," the company wrote on Facebook as they announced their furry new hire.

"Meet Ethan! He had a fur-rific resume and story that will inspire us for years to come. Ethan was found abandoned and fighting for his life in the Kentucky Humane Society parking lot, but beat all odds to become the healthy, good boy he is today," they added. "Ethan is known for inspiring those in his local community and will continue to inspire more as our official Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer."

beer dog
Ethan the dog. busch
beer dog
Ethan the dog. busch

Ethan's family also celebrated the news, reflecting on how much the pooch's life has changed in less than a year.

"We are very humbled and honored to have Ethan chosen by Busch!! Take a moment, please, and think about how far our Ethan has come in such a short time," they wrote on Facebook. "In less than 4 months, he has come from being someone's burden, someone's afterthought, and not only survived but thrived and is now being recognized on a national level."

"There are a lot of ways they could have gone. But they chose Ethan!!" they added. "There is just something about this boy!"

beer dog
Ethan the dog. busch

In addition to having the fancy title, as part of his new job Ethan will also get a $20,000 salary, healthcare (pet insurance), and stock options (free Dog Brew).

As for the qualifications that earned him the role, according to a statement about the position, "in order to get the job, your pup needs to possess a refined palate, an outstanding sense of smell, and must be a 'very good' boy or girl."

Busch launched their dog brew last summer — and it was an instant hit, selling out on the day it was released. Sold in a four-pack, the non-alcoholic beverage is made with pork butt, vegetables, basil, mint, turmeric, and ginger.

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Although he faced a difficult recovery, Ethan — who was found emaciated and alone, weighing just 32 lbs. — managed to come back from death's door, recover from the neglect he experienced, and regain the weight he needed to live a happy and healthy life.

Back in March, Jeff Callaway, the facilities director at the humane society where the canine was found, and his family adopted Ethan.

"We are so, so excited to be able to adopt Ethan! He is already such a huge part of our family," Callaway said in a statement at the time. "I believe with all my heart he is in the right place. There's nothing we wouldn't do for him. We love him so very much and are very grateful for all the love of every single person that has followed his story from the beginning."

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