Ethan the Rescue Dog Adopted After Weeks of Recovery: He's 'Already a Huge Part of Our Family'

Ethan the dog was discovered abandoned and emaciated in January and has since been working to regain his weight and strength

Ethan the dog
Photo: Kentucky Humane Society

After getting a "ruff" start in life, Ethan the dog has finally found a forever home!

On Thursday, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) announced on Facebook that Ethan the dog, who has made tremendous strides since being abandoned in the rescue's parking lot in January, is being adopted by his foster family.

The news is cause for celebration for KHS and the thousands of animal lovers who have been rooting for Ethan throughout his difficult recovery. Found emaciated and alone, weighing just 32 pounds, Ethan still managed to come back from death's door, recover from the neglect he experienced, and regain the weight he needs to thrive.

Healthy, happy, and up to 83 pounds, Ethan will be adopted by Jeff Callaway, the facilities director at KHS, and his family. The official adoption will occur on March 10, when KHS will host a live-streaming celebration to honor the 1-year-old pup.

"We are so, so excited to be able to adopt Ethan! He is already such a huge part of our family. From the very beginning, it's always been about Ethan and what is best for him and his future," Callaway said in a statement posted to KHS's Facebook page. "I believe with all my heart he is in the right place. There's nothing we wouldn't do for him. We love him so very much and are very grateful for all the love of every single person that has followed his story from the beginning."

After the rescue shared Ethan's adoption news, the dog was "congratulated by everyone he saw and responded with a lot of love and affection."

"Ethan continues to amaze us every single day. He just rolls with whatever comes his way with a smile and a tail wag," the rescue added.

Earlier this week, KHS shared that Ethan officially reached his goal weight of 80 pounds.

"Ethan weighed in at officially 80 lbs today! That means he is officially at his goal weight and has gained 42 lbs in the last month — more than twice his original weight of 38 lbs. Thank you all so much for your support and for following along with him on his road to recovery," the rescue wrote alongside a Facebook video of Ethan happily rolling around.

To celebrate reaching this important health milestone, Ethan reunited with the family that helped save his life. The Hendersons discovered Ethan abandoned in the KHS's parking lot on Jan. 29. The family visited the rescue to donate dog toys and spotted Ethan on their way out.

"After they dropped off their donations, they saw what they thought was a dead dog in our parking lot lying on a white towel. They stopped their vehicle and jumped out of the car. They called the adoption desk and waited outside with Ethan until our staff came out and rushed him to our veterinary ward," KHS explained in a Tuesday Facebook post about the reunion.

"Their 11-year-old son, Tatum, was understandably very upset to see a dog in such a horrific condition. They watched our Facebook page and were relieved to see the update on January 30 that Ethan was still alive," the shelter added. "They have been following Ethan's progress every day since then. A few days ago, Tatum's grandmother reached out to ask if her grandson could meet Ethan now that he is healthy. We couldn't agree more and arranged a meeting so Ethan could say a proper 'thank you' to Tatum and his family."

Ethan brought a "Team Ethan" t-shirt and a card signed with his paw print to the reunion, specifically for Tatum, who will be turning 12 in a few weeks.

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