February 07, 2018 03:12 PM

Vacation is all she ever wanted, too bad Harri couldn’t wait a little longer.

The pet galah cockatoo’s family was recently packing for a cruise vacation, when their beloved bird’s cage was accidentally opened, allowing her to fly the coop. Heartsick over Harri’s disappearance, but unsure how to find the escaped pet, Harri’s family decided to leave their Queensland, Australia, home and follow through with their cruise trip.

While the Cozzi family boarded a P&O Cruises Pacific Aria ship, Harri was flitting across the Tasman Sea, where she was intercepted by a different cruise vessel. The crew of the Sea Princess, a ship belonging to P&O’s sister line Princess Cruises, spotted the beautiful red bird while en route to New Zealand. Once in the hands of the caring Princess Cruises staff, Harri was checked for a microchip. Thankfully, the Cozzis had microchipped their pet, which allowed the crew to obtain their contact information.

Courtesy Princess Cruises

Knowing that the bird belonged to a family that was probably missing her, the crew notified the Australian Agriculture Department, who reached out to the Cozzi family to let them know Harri had been found and was enjoying a 14-day cruise of her own.

With a whole two-week, New Zealand-centered excursion ahead of them, the Sea Princess went about making Harri comfortable. The pet with a bad case of wanderlust was made an honorary crew member and was given her own state room, complete with meal service. Environmental Officer Tibor Filipovic served as Harri’s chaperone aboard the Sea Princess, working with Princess Cruises Commodore Giuseppe Romano to make sure the bird arrived back in Queensland safely. 

Courtesy Princess Cruises

When the Cozzis returned from their own adventure, and the Sea Princess was docked and waiting with Harri onboard, the family delivered Harri’s cage to her boat, where she was placed after passing her pre-disembarkation veterinary check. After getting her clean bill of health, the cockatoo was reunited with her family. 

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“We are very excited to have Harri home because she is a much loved member and indispensable part of our family. We’d hoped for her safe return but after Harri had been gone for a few days, it wasn’t looking good. It was amazing to discover she had been found on another cruise ship. It was just the best news possible,” owner Michelle Cozzi said in a statement expressing her gratitude for the work Princess Cruises, the Sea Princess Crew and the government put into bringing their bird girl home.  


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