Escaped Massachusetts Zoo Monkey Dizzy Still at Large

Dizzy the monkey has been taking the keepers of Springfield, Massachusetts' Forest Park Zoo for a spin

Photo: Don Treeger/The Republican/AP

Dizzy the monkey has been taking the keepers of Springfield, Massachusetts’ Forest Park Zoo for a spin.

The 12-lb. Guenon monkey escaped from his enclosure while it was being cleaned on Tuesday, by twisting a doorknob and making a break for it, reports the Boston Globe. Dizzy has had the zoo’s staff playing catch up ever since.

On Wednesday, the furry fugitive was spotted hanging out in the trees near his enclosure. Keepers have tried shooting tranquilizer darts at him, luring him with food and tempting him back with his mate Mitzy, but none of the measures have worked so far. The zoo’s staff believes that the monkey ultimately wants to be back home and that a mix of bad weather, lack of food and homesickness will draw him back to his enclosure, if they don’t catch him first.

While authorities play this waiting game, the zoo will remain closed to the public, but the park surrounding the zoo is still open.

“We are now pleading with the public and the media to stay away from the zoo until Dizzy is returned safely. This could take days, so we appreciate your cooperation,” zoo officials said in a statement.

This warning is for the animal’s safety. Dizzy is not a danger to the public due to his small size.

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