December 06, 2010 12:45 PM

He may be allergic to cats, but country singer Eric Church is tightly bonded to his pup, miniature pinscher Quincy Jones.

“I love the dog,” he tells in the clip above. “I get beat up some by my buddies. It’s not the dog they think I would have. They expect to see me with a pit bull or a Lab or something.”

But despite the diminutive stature of his 10-lb. pooch, she’s got quite a personality, Church says. “I always joke [that] she’s vicious,” he shares. “[She’s] a mighty heart. Just a great dog.”

Earlier this year, the “Love Your Love the Most” singer rescued two homeless cats he found in his native North Carolina. Though he couldn’t keep them long-term because of his allergies, he nursed the mother-son pair back to health, and even helped them find a forever home.

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