Amy Jamieson
May 19, 2017 01:32 PM

Who can resist a photo of a baby gorilla? No one we’ve ever met.

Animals with similar magnetism are flooding the Internet right now in honor of #EndangeredSpeciesDay, and while it’s an excuse to look at photos of adorable animals, it’s also a stoic reminder of how much better our world is with them in it. says the day was created in 2006 by the U.S. Congress, to celebrate our nation’s wildlife and wild places. Nature conservancies and various organizations are sharing sweet photos today to remind humans of just how many animals are in trouble, and that we need to work together to keep these critters alive.

All the cuties below are endangered — less than 3,000 Western lowland gorillas (above) call Earth home — so remember their names, click on their photos, and learn how you can help save them and so many others from extinction.

Cuddly orangutans, swift foxes and more need your help, so jump to it.

Sumatran orangutan

Sea otter

Swift fox

Spotted owls

Monk seal

Asiatic lions

Sea turtles

Asian elephants

Columbia basin pygmy rabbit



To learn more about endangered species, visit the WWF’s website. 


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