March 22, 2016 04:51 PM

Emmy Rossum is a hero.

The Shameless star is a savior to four pets, all of which she rescued, and a supporter of countless more through Best Friend Animal Society, an animal welfare organization she has supported for “many, many years.” 

“I’ve always been a large proponent of the no-kill movement and Best Friends is the leader of that across the country. So, that’s hugely important to me and I just really believe that animals — I don’t have kids yet — add so much to my family and my life and sense of happiness and a sense of comfort … I feel like they rescue me as much as I rescue them,” Rossum, 29, told PEOPLE at Best Friends Animal Society Benefit to Save Them All in New York City on March 8.  

Rossum’s furry family includes three dogs named Cinnamon, Sugar, Pepper and a cat named Fiona. The crew travels everywhere with her, escorting Rossum on coast-to-coast trips for work.


“In fact, in moving back to New York, one of the biggest things was finding an apartment building, a co-op that would let me get in with all my animals because some are very tricky with that,” the recently engaged actress said. 

Even with their busy schedules, Rossum’s pets stay calm and “well-trained” — but they still have a few bad habits. 

“My cat likes to drink out of the toilet. That’s her one thing. I don’t know why,” Rossum said. “I keep going around and closing the lids.”

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