Emirates Airline Bans Hunting Trophies as Cargo

The airline will not let travelers bring back wild animals they killed and stuffed in Africa

Emirates Airline has banned the transport of hunting “trophies” from its SkyCargo.

According to National Geographic, the airline will no longer allow passengers to bring lions, tigers elephants, rhinos and other wild animals killed through hunting onto their planes, a spokesperson said.

Hunting trophies have become an increasing problem throughout Africa, with a growing number of wealthy tourists traveling to the continent to legally kill wild animals and have them stuffed and then shipped home.

Emirates is the most recent organization to join a movement working to end these hunts. In March, Australia banned the importation of such trophies, and the European Parliament is working on creating a similar rule.

However, Emirates is the first airline to set up a ban. Animal-rights activists are working to have Delta, an airline that provides direct flights to South Africa, do the same, reports the BBC.

Those in support of trophy hunting believe these bans will do little to stop the dwindling number of wild animals, advising activists to focus on the real threat: illegal poaching.

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