The Hannah Montana star dishes on life with her teacup poodle

By Kate Hogan
Updated April 24, 2009 01:24 PM

On the hit Disney sitcom Hannah Montana, Emily Osment plays the loyal sidekick to Miley Cyrus’s undercover teen superstar. In real life, Osment has a sidekick of her own: her teacup poodle, Luna! The actress-singer recently spoke to PEOPLE Pets about her furry BFF with a “fierce bark” and reveals what it’s like on the dog-friendly set of Hannah Montana (Miley has seven pups!).

Tell us about your pets!
As a family, we have three dogs: Two are [6-year-old] purebred golden retrievers named Tor and Nado. My dad named them. We got them when I was really little, so my dad said if we got lost and went on a hike, we could yell “Tornado!” and get lots of attention. They’re siblings, and completely adorable. Tor is not very bright, and Nado can get into anything – she’s crazy and has so much energy! And she can pick a lock!

I have my own dog, too, Luna, a teacup poodle. She’s very fuzzy, and she’s adorable. She acts like she’s a pit bull; she doesn’t know how she small she is. I got her last year for my birthday (March 10). When I first got Luna, I never wanted to leave her alone. She sleeps with me, too, and she thinks she has the whole bed to herself – she takes all the pillows! And for the record, she does not wear clothes. I put on the occasional bow, and I have a few carrying cases for her, but no clothes.

Do you bring your dogs to the Hannah Montana set?
I bring Luna all the time because she loves to play with the other dogs. Mitchel [Musso] has a giant dog, named Stitch. Moises [Arias] has two dogs, Miley [Cyrus] has seven and Jason [Earles] has a huge dog named Andy, who he lets run around in the hallway. Luna’s only afraid of Miley’s dog Sophie, but she’s fine to run with the big dogs!

Being a young starlet, is it hard taking care of a dog too?
It’s made me more responsible. My parents wanted to get a puppy for me in my teenage years to make me think about someone other than myself. Getting a dog helped – she’s a big part of my life now.

Do you have advice for other kids who want a dog?
I think a dog is a good idea. It’s a big responsibility – and they eat a lot! – and you have to be careful, make sure you have the right house, that kind of thing. It’s a big deal. It’s definitely been great for me. I don’t know how I survived without a dog to keep me company.

Since you travel so much, do you have tips for people traveling with their pets?
It’s gotten really expensive to travel with a dog – there’s a fee both ways. But Luna’s worth it. It’s the best to travel with them, but you have to find dog-friendly places. For instance, I just found out [some] Four Seasons Hotels allow dogs. We were staying at one once, and Miley brought her dog, and even though she was barking, no one seemed to mind. The staff brings up doggie beds and dog bowls, which is great. Just figure out what’s animal-friendly and what’s not – I’ve tried to sneak my dog into places but realized I couldn’t do it!

Catch Osment on the next all-new episode of Hannah Montana – with special guest David Archuleta! – airing Sunday, May 3, at 8 p.m. ET on The Disney Channel.