Emergency Surgery Saves Life of Kitty Who Swallowed Cat-Shaped Toy

"What are the chances of a cat called Kitty swallowing a cat called Kitty?" said her owner Paul Grice

Photo: Willows Veterinary Group

Kitty the cat was quite full of herself — and we mean that in the most literal sense.

The cat from Denton, England, nearly died recently after she swallowed a 2 inch plastic cat-shaped toy.

According to the Manchester Vet Centre, her worried owners, Paul and Michelle Grice, rushed the cat to the vet office (run by the independently-owned Willows Veterinary Group) one Saturday when it became evident that she was seriously ill.

When they arrived, veterinarian Ann Mee was tasked with examining the 4-year-old ginger cat. She deemed emergency surgery absolutely necessary.

Willows Veterinary Group

“An x-ray revealed a foreign body had become lodged in her abdomen,” a press release says. “When Ann and her team operated, they discovered the toy cat wedged against her intestinal wall. It had already lacerated the tissue within the intestines and was threatening to perforate the intestinal wall at any time, which would have proven fatal.”

The lucky feline has since made a full recovery, much to the joy of the entire family, including daughters, Amelia, 5, and son, Charlie, 7.

“I cannot thank the staff enough,” said Paul, 38. “We’re so grateful to them. It’s all down to them she’s still here, without a doubt.”

Willows Veterinary Group

The nitty-gritty kitty details of the case — the fact that Kitty swallowed a cat named Kitty from a Kitty in My Pocket children’s toy — are still a bit of a head-scratcher.

“We had absolutely no idea that she’d swallowed anything and only found out as a result of the x-ray,” Paul added. “What are the chances of a cat called Kitty swallowing a cat called Kitty? I have no idea where the toy cat came from and how she managed to eat it. I guess we will never know. She’s never done anything like this before.”

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