Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Cat Charlie Has Died: 'She Was an Amazing Cat and Gave Us So Much Love'

The talk show host said saying goodbye was "one of the hardest decisions" she had to make

Ellen DeGeneres is in mourning after the passing of one of her beloved pets.

The daytime talk show host, 61, revealed on social media Friday that her cat, Charlie, has died. DeGeneres shared the sad news along with two pictures of the late feline on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“We had to say goodbye to Charlie today,” she wrote alongside the sweet photos. “She was an amazing cat and gave us so much love.”

In the shots, DeGeneres can be seen sitting on an outdoor lounger as Charlie perches beside her. The two are staring into each other’s eyes in one photo, while another shows DeGeneres and her pet gazing out toward the horizon.

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Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter

“One of the hardest decisions to make but so glad we could end her suffering,” the star added.

DeGeneres previously shared to PEOPLE that she had rescued Charlie when she was a full-grown cat.

“Charlie has a dog personality where she has to be wherever people are and follow you from room to room,” she told PEOPLE in 2009.

Though the talk show host is an all-around pet lover, she told Good Housekeeping in 2018 that Charlie has a special place in her heart.

“I have three dogs (Wolf, Augie and Kid) and three cats (Charlie, George and Chairman). I would tell you more about them, but like any celebrity parent, I think it’s important to keep them out of the press,” she said. “Do I have a favorite? I couldn’t possibly answer that! It’s Charlie.”

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Charlie the cat and Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter

DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, added to their family and adopted a new puppy in September, welcoming a poodle named Mrs. Wallis Browning — Wallis for short — into their brood.

“She’s so cute, I can’t even take it,” said DeGeneres during an episode of Ellen, while showing pictures of Wallis on her show. “She’s very adorable, pretty and precious. And she knows it.”

Wallis was adopted from a Studio City, California rescue called Wagmor, which has since also helped Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner find their new pets.

The pup is a standard poodle — which DeGeneres said hopes proves to animal lovers that rescues dogs can be purebred dogs — who came from a rough start.

“Wallis is three months old. And she unfortunately was with some irresponsible people,” DeGeneres shared. “She was kept in a cage outside in the desert since she was 2 months old.”

This means that up until she was rescued, Mrs. Wallis Browning had never had the chance to run or play with toys, or “live next door to Oprah.”

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