July 12, 2011 10:30 PM

She’s among the busiest people on TV, but Ellen DeGeneres always makes time for animals. Last week, the comedian rescued a sickly, dehydrated kitten she found at an L.A. furniture store.

DeGeneres, who has two dogs and three cats, spotted the 4-week-old kitten sitting on an ottoman. The cat was riddled with fleas, dehydrated and hungry.

The proprietor of the store informed her that the kitten came from an abandoned litter of three and that the other two cats had recently died. DeGeneres offered to take the cat and pay for its medical care, then drove the cat to the vet.

After a vet administered fluids and prescribed antibiotics, DeGeneres took the kitten home and nursed it back to health. She decided to name the cat Ridiculous – because she’s so ridiculously cute!

DeGeneres asked an animal sanctuary, The Gentle Barn, if it could help Ridiculous find a home and shared a photo of the now healthy feline on Twitter on Saturday.

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