Ellen DeGeneres Has a Kid! ... Who Is Also a Puppy

She named him Kid because, "There have been rumors forever, when are you and Portia gonna have a kid? So now I can say we have a Kid. So it can just stop."

Ellen DeGeneres is a mom … to another dog.

On Thursday, DeGeneres, 57, annouced on her talk show that she and wife Portia De Rossi adopted a puppy, which they named Kid.

“So now we have a kid,” the host joked.

DeGeneres also shared a photo of the 9-week-old cutie, who is said to be getting along well with the couple’s two other dogs, Auggie and Wolf. Kid is causing a few problems for DeGeneres, though.

“I’ll tell you what’s not cute is to wake up at 11, and 1, and 3 and 5. And then 5 is when he’s up, up,” she said about her new morning routine since adopting Kid.

The puppy is giving DeGeneres a peek into “what it’s like to be a mother” and how manic it can be. Of course, she is also enjoying all the adorable perks that come with a puppy, and one other upside that comes with Kid in particular.

“I named him Kid because, ya know, people, there have been rumors forever. When are you and Portia gonna have a kid?” DeGeneres said. “So, now I can say we have a Kid. So it can just stop.”

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