"This is a major step for me," he tells DeGeneres


There’s a new love in Ryan Seacrest’s life, and he’s finally ready to commit.

Seacrest, 39, debuted his new pup, a Labrador named Georgia, on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He’s hoping his new addition will fill the furry void in his heart left by those other loves.

“I had dogs in relationships, and then they end and the dogs would go,” said Seacrest, who split from Julianne Hough last year. “This is my first dog. My very own dog.”

Seacrest said he’d been planning to get his own pup for about 10 years, but he finally conquered his fear of commitment by setting a deadline for himself (May 1, to be precise).

“I’m from the state of Georgia,” he said of the moniker. “I had the name before I had the dog. So I came up with a name, and I got so excited about the name that I figured, ‘Okay, I have to follow through with the deadline and getting the dog.’ ”

But Seacrest has yet to win over DeGeneres’s heart.

“You can’t just start with a name and get a dog!” she teased. “That’s not how it works. You should have just gotten a piece of furniture and named it Georgia.”

She continued to Seacrest: “You’re so busy. Who’s going to raise that dog?”

Not to worry, said the man who juggles his American Idol duties with his morning radio show, among other producing gigs.

“Georgia is going to come to work with me sometimes,” he said. “This is a major step for me.”

As DeGeneres continued stressing the challenges of raising a pup, Seacrest joked, “This is why I worry about commitment. Now you know why I fear it.”

Actually, he’s more than ready for his upcoming dog days, he said.

“This is all happening at the right time. I’m turning 40 in a few months. [Now] I ve got the dog,” he said. “I think my mother’s expecting grandkids soon, so I’ll name the grandkids, then find the wife.”