Animal lovers can watch the romance unfold on the new Disney + show Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Can you feel the love tonight?

Kianga the elephant hopes Mac's answer is a big, bellowing "Yes!" As this exclusive sneak peek at the premiere episode of Disney+‘s Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom shows, the female elephant is working hard to woo the largest resident at the Animal Kingdom.

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, premiering Friday, Sept. 25 on Disney +, goes behind the scenes of Disney's Animal Kingdom to give viewers an intimate look at the over 5000 animals that call the park home and the dozens of people who care for them.

Among those animals are Kianga and Mac, two elephants in the midst of a new romance thanks to Kianga's persistence. Even though Mac initially tried to ignore the female elephant, the continued pestering and trunk holding from Kianga appears to have made a dent in Mac's tough-guy exterior. Keepers are hopeful that this budding romance will bloom into a full-blown relationship complete with little elephants in the future.

Animal lovers can learn even more about the love brewing between these two by tuning in to the first episode of Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Friday. The first episode of the show, narrated by Josh Gad, will follow these love birds, along with a giraffe due for a pedicure and a chicken named Popcorn, who has an egg problem.