Electrician's Partner is His Cat

John Capriotti responds to service calls with a furry friend named Baby Cat.

When you call an electrician, you might expect a guy to show up at your house. But a guy and his cat? That’s what you get with John Capriotti. He responds to service calls with his 6-month-old feline, Baby Cat, in his truck.

“We have two other cats and this guy seemed to prefer the garage to hanging around the house with them,” Capriotti told The Daily Journal. “So one day, he jumped into the van and I said: ‘You want to go for a ride? Then let’s go.’ And I figured he’d jump out. But he didn’t, and he’s been going with me ever since.”

Baby Cat began riding with Capriotti this past winter and the two have become quite the pair – sometimes sharing sandwiches at lunch.

“I keep a litter box in the truck and some water, but he seems fine waiting for his meals at home when we’re done,” Capriotti said. “When it was real cold, I’d leave the heat on for him. But when it gets real hot, I’ll probably have to leave him at home.”

Capriotti told The Daily Journal that Baby Cat will continue to ride with him, as long as he keeps jumping in the truck each morning. The kitty’s presence has little or no impact on the electrician’s duties. “Mostly he likes to sleep on the dashboard while I work,” he says.

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