This Little Piggy Goes Hiking! School Pig Adores Enjoying Nature with Students and Goats

In Nyack, New York, "trail monster" Eleanor Pigby can often be found hiking with two goats and two dogs

Eleanor Pigsby
Photo: The Summit School

Everyone in the town of Nyack, New York, knows Eleanor Pigby — and her hiking companions: two goats, a golden doodle, and a boxer.

"She grunts and oinks all the way down the street," says Anna Sicari, a 35-year-old animal care coordinator at The Summit School at Nyack — a therapeutic boarding school.

"The mailman stopped, the garbage truck guys are like waving to us ... I'm surprised we haven't caused an accident yet, but people just stop and wave and talk and pull over and get out of their cars, it's wild," Sicari tells PEOPLE about the effect Eleanor has on others.

Eleanor is a 7-month-old Kunekune pig weighing 80 pounds — but she could reach 300 pounds.

"Kunekune means fat and round," Sicari says.

About four years ago, Sicari started taking the students at The Summit School at Nyack for hikes. A year later, she started bringing her dog. Then two years ago, the school bought two Nigerian dwarf goats, Sawyer and Scout. Now, the kids hike with a boxer named Moose, a Goldendoodle named Rudy, two goats, and Eleanor the pig.

Eleanor's addition to the group got the students the most excited.

"Who doesn't want to go hiking with a pig?" asks Sicari, who documents their adventures on Instagram @4leggedfriendsofsummitnyack. "She's the queen of the whole school. Everybody loves her."

Eleanor Pigsby
The Summit School

The dog-like pig sits for treats and lays down for belly rubs. Before Scari started hiking with Eleanor, she tried taking the friendly pig on leashed walks through town but soon found that the pig hates sidewalks. When The Summit School at Nyack tried taking her on a hike at the nearby Hook Mountain instead — Eleanor instantly loved it.

"She is just like a trail monster. She was hopping over logs. She just follows us in the woods," Sicari says. "When we run into people, and it's like we make their day, their month, their year. Adult women have actually teared up because they're so happy."

The best part is the happiness Eleanor spreads to strangers.

"When we're on the trails, people are always just overjoyed to see her and pet her," says Sicari's coworker and fellow animal care coordinator Damon Fischetti, 47.

Watching her hike is hilarious, Fischetti says.

"The way she runs and she can barrel down a hill really fast, even though she's got a lot of weight to her, but it's funny just to watch her run," he adds.

Recently, they took Eleanor to a nursing home to bring joy to the residents.

"The ladies at the nursing home were fighting over who got to pet her and taking donuts out of their purses to give it to her," Sicari says. "It's the cutest thing."

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