The website lists and rates the dog-friendly bars and eateries of the Big Apple

By People Staff
February 03, 2011 12:45 PM

Jennifer Sunshine loves bringing her rat terrier Eddie to dinner. But she’d often run into problems at New York City restaurants that didn’t allow dogs. “We tried to find places that he could go eat with us, and we couldn’t find anywhere,” she tells

Instead of leaving Eddie at home when she dined out – “He got very upset that he couldn’t come with us,” she shares – she and pal Ady Schneider decided to start a website dedicated to listing bars and eateries that were open to pets. Appropriately titled Eddie Eats Out, the site features restaurant reviews written from the pup’s point of view, plus a blog about pet-related news and fashion.

Eddie’s restaurant reviews are actually quite comprehensive: He talks about what he ate, whether he was offered a water bowl and how staffers interacted with him (for instance, Cookshop waiters offered him an umbrella so he’d stay dry while dining in the rain).

Bars are a bit of a different story: Since many venues allow dogs inside, Eddie gets treats, cuddles and lots of attention from bartenders. “For example, at the Half King in Chelsea, they have great dog bowls, and are super-excited to have dogs visit,” Sunshine says.

The site has enjoyed lots of success since its inception in April, even helping to start a nationwide “Dog Restaurant Week” last fall. And though the reviews are just Big Apple centric for now, Schneider and Sunshine hop to expand as time goes on.

“Eddie wants to share his information about where he goes all across the country,” Sunshine says. “We want this to be a place where dogs can connect.”

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