10 Eco-Friendly Pet Products to Help You Celebrate Earth Day with Your Cat or Dog

Your pet can give back to the planet on Earth Day (April 22) with these eco-friendly leashes, toys, treats, and more

Earth Day pet products
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Baked with Love

Earth Day pet products

Shameless Pets takes the farm produce rejected by retailers for superficial flaws and upcycles these ingredients into delicious treats for pets, so your dog can snack and support sustainability.

Buy it! Blueberried Treasure Soft Baked Dog Treats, $6.99; ShamelessPets.com

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Food for Thought

Earth Day pet products

Canidae's new Sustain dog food line is focused on creating products that are safe and tasty for canines and healthy for the planet. The line features dog food made with sustainably sourced and humanely raised proteins and vegetables that are grown using regenerative farming practices. The Sustain line also offers a fully plant-based dog food option for canines comfortable with a vegetarian diet.

Buy it! Canidae Sustain Plant-Based Protein Recipe Dog Food, $49.41; Petco.com

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Cat Snacks for Good

Earth Day pet products

Dogs aren't the only pets with eco-friendly food. Cats can now get all the the protein they need from insects. Catit's Nuna cat food utilizes insect protein to create food that reduces your feline's carbon footprint while also providing them with the daily nutrition they crave.

Other brands, like Jiminy's, offer insect-protein pet food options for dogs.

Buy it! Catit Nuna Insect Protein-Based Cat Food, $27.99; Catit.com

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Plastic Waste No More

Earth Day pet products

The RippleRug supports your cat's primal instincts and the planet. This durable activity mat will keep your cat busy for hours and it is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Buy it! SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Cat Activity Play Mat, $43.70; Chewy.com

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The Earth Is My Friend

Earth Day pet products

Make your dog's playtime good for the planet with this adorable Earth toy crafted out of plastic waste removed from the world's oceans and mountains.

Buy it! Grrreen Earth Plush with Rope Dog Toy, $12.99; PetSmart.com

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Waste Not

Earth Day pet products

Aplat doesn't let their fabric scraps go to waste, instead, they upcycle these extras into stylish bandanas for pets.

Buy it! Upcycled Over-The-Collar Bandanas, $15.00; Aplat.com

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For the Birds

Earth Day pet products

Birdsbesafe's colorful cat collar covers make felines look fabulous and easy to spot. These collars are crafted for outdoor cats, so birds can spot your kitty before it attacks, protecting the songbirds in your area from your pet's prey drive.

Buy it! Crayon Birdsbesafe Collar Cover, $11.99; BirdsBeSafe.com

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Leash of Love

Earth Day pet products

Project Blu makes pet products out of 100% recycled materials and donates a portion of each sale to The Plastic Bank, which helps build up the Earth's recycling infrastructure.

Buy it! Monterey ELeather + Eco-Fabric Leash, $40.00; JoinProjectBlu.com

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Get the Scoop

Earth Day pet products

Catalyst creates their lightweight, low-dust cat litter out of upcycled wood fiber, so nothing goes to waste.

Buy it! Catalyst Soft Wood Cat Litter, $22.99; CatalystPet.com

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Pets Not Required

Earth Day pet products

For those who don't have a pet of their own, you can still give back to the planet through animals on Earth Day. The Catskill Animal Sanctuary offers Animals on Call tours, where participants get to meet the facility's rescue animals over video chat. The proceeds from these tours go towards rescuing more animals in need and providing amazing care to creatures living at the sanctuary.

Buy it! Catskill Animal Sanctuary Animals on Call Tour, Starts at $50; CaSanctuary.com

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