"This was a VERY difficult decision," said the shelter, who reviewed over 80 adoption applications

By Amy Jamieson
May 03, 2017 10:49 AM
Credit: Source: Little Traverse Bay Humane Society/Facebook

Someone made Eastwood’s day — and life, for that matter.

An update on the shelter’s Facebook page late on Tuesday said staff there had reviewed over 80 adoption applications after the dog’s story went viral, prompting an influx of inquiries. The pooch has a few health issues and could require expensive surgeries in the future.

“After careful thought and consideration, we are thrilled to announce that Eastwood now has a forever home!” said the post. “This was a VERY difficult decision. We reviewed over 80 adoption applications today, and while there were countless families who would have given Eastwood an amazing home, one stood out above the rest.”

The shelter — whose original post about the dog was shared over 1,900 times — said on Facebook that everyone there was “extremely touched” by the outpouring of support for the pup, and hoped his story would bring attention to other dogs in shelters.

“For everyone who was hoping to adopt Eastwood, please consider opening your heart and home to one of the many homeless dogs who enter our shelter system every year — there are so many in need of wonderful, forever homes!” said the post. “Please stayed tuned in the next week for more specific details about Eastwood’s adoption — photos to follow!”

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Executive director Deter Racine tells PEOPLE a friend showed Eastwood’s new parents the shelter’s Facebook post, which led them to adopt. They will be picking the pooch up on Monday.

“I think it’s great that people are willing to take on the special needs animals,” Racine told PEOPLE.

Gretal, another pooch who was the last remaining pup at an adoption event in Detroit over the weekend, appears to still be in need of a home. To contact the Detroit Animal Welfare Group, click here.