Nat Geo WILD's hour-long musical event for Earth Day will be free of narration and commercials

Humans, they talk a lot.

Sometimes it’s a relief to escape the babble and jabber of daily life. Nature often provides the silence we are looking for on Earth Day (April 22) and every other day of the year.

But Mother Nature is far from silent, the powerful and picturesque world of the wild comes with its own cornucopia of sounds.

For Earth Day, Nat Geo WILD is celebrating the natural music maker that is planet Earth with the special Symphony for Our World. This hour-long TV event is free of commercials and narration, instead focusing on the sounds, sights and music our world can make. The show also features original tunes created by X Ambassadors and Bleeding Fingers Music

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Before the special airs on April 22 at 7/6c on Nat Geo WILD, the channel is giving PEOPLE an exclusive sneak peek of the beauty you can expect on Earth Day.