December 08, 2015 09:38 PM

Dylan Lauren has spread joy to countless kids (young and old) with her Dylan’s Candy Bar sweet shops, and now she is working to make life a little more like lollipops and rainbows for the animals of the world. 

Lauren is celebrating the launch of Dylan’s Candy BarN on Tuesday, with a charity event in Los Angeles, California. Dylan’s Candy BarN is a granting foundation dedicated to supporting animal welfare organizations across the country to help raise awareness and save pets. It’s an important step for Lauren, who may adore animals just as much as her human customers.

“As much as I love people, I have a strong feeling that animals are people too,” she told PEOPLE. 

She said this is especially true when is comes to her rescue pet Jersey the dog, who sometimes gets more smooches from her than her husband does. Jersey, Lauren’s self-proclaimed “first child,” was rescued from Puerto Rico’s dead dog beach — a place where many of the country’s unspayed strays and unwanted pets are dumped to fend for themselves — before ending up at a New Jersey animal shelter and meeting her new mom. 

“I love the process of saving a dog who might not have made it otherwise,” Lauren said of adopting animals like Jersey, who is now leading “quite the happy life.”

After years of enchanting families, the CEO and founder is excited to show fans of Dylan’s Candy Bar that the company “stands for something” and that she wants to make every member of your family happy, including the “furry ones.” Dylan’s Candy BarN will achieve this by hosting fundraising events, helping adopt out shelter animals, encouraging adoption, assisting in rescue efforts and selling special products in stores with proceeds that will go to help animal shelters achieve these goals as well. 

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Animal BarN is kicking off these efforts with a star-studded charity event at Dylan’s Candy Bar’s L.A. location. The soiree will include adoptable dogs, a silent auction with interesting celebrity gifts and an assortment of sweets, of course. Tickets are still available for animal lovers looking for a memorable night out. 

For those who can’t attend, but still want to contribute to Dylan’s Candy BarN’s fight to save animals, you can donate to the foundation here

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