'Duck Dynasty' 's Sadie Robertson Introduces Instagram to Her New 'All Fluff' Pup

Cabo the white, fluffy dog was named after her newlywed owners' honeymoon locale

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff’s new family just got bigger.

Robertson introduced her 3.6 million Instagram followers to the couple’s new dog on Friday, calling the furry, white pooch her “Honeymoon baby Cabo Pop Huff.”

“She’s all fluff (and sass), has a blue eye, loves her monkey, can literally sleep anywhere, and loves coffee shops,” the Duck Dynasty star, 22, captioned a photos series of the small dog. “Her middle name is Pop, short for Poppins, cause she’s just practically perfect in every way.”

It appears that Cabo, named after Robertson and Huff’s honeymoon locale, fits in perfectly with her newlywed owners, accompanying the couple on all sorts of adventures.

“My lil adventure pup came with me to record my audio book intro today, totally should have let her steal the mic,” Cabo’s actress mom wrote in a Instagram post, featuring a photo of Robertson toting the pup through a parking lot, on Monday.

Cabo’s arrival comes just a few months after her owners’ November wedding. The “romantic” nuptials took place at the bride’s family farm in Louisiana. Robertson wore two different wedding gowns on the big day: a classic Rita Vinieris gown for the ceremony and a “fairytale” Sherri Hill dress for the reception.

Now, both Robertson and Huff will likely be wearing white dog fur on daily basis, thanks to Cabo’s fluffy coat.

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