It takes the actor 20 minutes to put a diaper on his pet duck Patita

By Mary S. Park
Updated July 28, 2010 05:00 PM

We’ve all heard of struggling actors. But what about an actor who struggles to diaper a duck? That’s Ewan McGregor’s reality these days.

“It can take me up to 20 minutes to get the diaper on … it’s frustrating,” McGregor told PEOPLE at the Darker Side of Green NYC Debate Series on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the Scottish actor, 39, struggles regularly with the unusual process. “The diaper’s difficult to put on because she doesn’t like wearing a diaper,” he said. “She just wants to [poop] freely doesn’t she? She’s a duck. But it’s not unpleasant for her to wear. My wife’s very, very good at it.”

McGregor’s wife, Eve, was also responsible for the bird’s exotic name, Patita. “It means little duck in Spanish,” he said.

So where do they obtain these waterfowl diapers? “They sell them on the Internet,” McGregor said. “They’re custom-built.” Of course: The web for the webbed!