October 21, 2015 08:19 PM

I know cats are self-cleaning, but this was quite unexpected.

FlyCleaners, the free on-demand app for laundry pick-up and delivery, recently had a surprise pick-up. One of its drivers stopped by an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, to grab a customer’s bag of dirty clothes. Little did he know there was a furry stowaway among the shirts and slacks. 

While the driver was en route to the next pick-up, a feline crawled out of the sack of Brooklyn laundry. Yes, the cat was really out of the bag this time. The driver heard motion in the back of the truck and pulled the vehicle over to investigate; he was shocked to find a curious kitty pawing around. 

The kitty’s parents think the cat snuck into the laundry while no one was looking, right before the driver arrived. The cat was returned back to its grateful owners, just 12 minutes after being accidentally taken away. Now that’s speedy service. 

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